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Learn to Airbrush!


One simple tip: I ALWAYS have index cards on hand. There are so many uses for them.


1- tape an index card on your work so you can periodically check your spray pattern (great tip for newbies that are just getting use to the airbrush)


2. You've spent hours painting a lion or wolf and are apprehensive about ruining the painting when putting on the whiskers? Take a couple index cards and an x-acto knife and cut a thin whisker in each card. Paint dots where the whiskers go than tape your index card to the dots and paint your whiskers! By varying the angle and length of the whiskers plus flipping the cards nobody will ever guess you used a mini-stencil. This tip is often used by airbrush artist to paint eyelashes or single strands of hair.


Filter your water-based paint by taking a pair of nylons and cutting out a round patch twice the size of the bottle opening. Remove the cap and put on the patch and replace the cap. Now every time you squeeze out some paint it will be filtered!! Don't squeeze too hard or you will squeeze out goobers in your paint.


If you are getting an air leak around your tip, unscrew it and apply a little chap stick around the threads!






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