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Welcome to Air Dragon, a little studio in rural Maine. Here you will find free airbrush lessons, tips on airbrushing and where you can find cheap airbrush equipment.


If your goal is to learn to airbrush then bookmark this site and come back often. There are a couple airbrush videos here to get you started. I will post more as time permits.


The beginning lesson is short and to the point but if you follow it and my advice you'll be airbrushing like a pro in just a few days. But you will need to practice till you are comfortable with the airbrush!


Learning to airbrush may seem difficult but don't worry. Relax, crank up the tunes and  let me show you how easy it is to airbrush! I'll show you how to airbrush this Jaguar after a few short lessons.


I'll take the mystery out of airbrushing and have you airbrushing in record time. Anybody can airbrush and I'll post some stencils on this site for those that are not good at drawing so once you get the basics down you can start a project that will make the learning more fun and you'll actually create a wearable piece of art.


The airbrush is just a mechanical paint brush so don't be intimated. If you approach it with that mind set, relax, crank the tunes and allow me to guide you than you will be amazed at how fast you progress. Soon you'll begin to feel like the airbrush is an extension of your hand.


If you need assistance in choosing an airbrush and what airbrush equipment you will need to get stated than go to my Airbrush Review page. There I explain the different airbrushes and related equipment such as air compressors so you can make an informed choice. I limit my reviews to the necessary basics so if you are new to airbrushing you can choose a good, cheap airbrush or compressor without confusion.















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